Anticipation is the collaborated beauty of Canadian duo Sharlene Wallace, harpist and Susan Piltch, flutist/pianist. With the amazing George Koller on bass their music is original, contemporary, stunning instrumental music. The music on Anticipation is composed by Sharlene, Susan, Rob Piltch, David Piltch/k.d. lang, Anne Lindsay, Loretto Reid, and Francis Kleynjans.

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Produced by Sharlene Wallace and Susan Piltch

Sharlene, pedal harp
Susan Piltch, flute and piano
George Koller, bass

Contemporary instrumental with a touch of the Celtic.” – Renée Gelpi, Galaxi CBC Digital Radio 

Put it on and float away.” – Michael Kramer – Classical 96.3 fm

  1. Flerty (3:58)
    by Sharlene Wallace – ©2006 Sharlene Wallace (SOCAN)
    Sue and I first met having way too much fun on a gig playing harp and flute together. This was the beginning of a playful and creative friendship. I wrote this piece for us… on a whim. – Shar
    – flute, harp
    Sheet Music available HERE
  2. Winter Frieze (4:25)
    by Sharlene Wallace – ©1995 Sharlene Wallace (SOCAN)
    This “frieze” is an ongoing rhythmic band of sound that sculpts itself into different variations with every new recording of my piece! – Shar
    – harp, piano
  3. Labyrinth II (3:04)
    by Susan Piltch & Sharlene Wallace – ©2005 Susan Piltch & Sharlene Wallace (SOCAN)
    “Labyrinth II” evolved from my flute and piano composition titled “Labyrinth”. With the addition of Sharlene’s fun jig groove, the labyrinth takes on new twists and turns! This piece is for my mom, Evelyn. – Sue
    – flute, harp, bass
  4. Emma’s Dance (3:20)
    by Anne Lindsay – ©2001 Violindsay Music (SOCAN)
    Our friend Anne wrote “Emma’s Dance” on the back porch of a family farmhouse in the beaver Valley for her wee niece who would dance to Anne’s fiddling! Her intro to this spirited piece reminded me so much of the Irish reel “Moving Cloud” that I couldn’t help playing a few bars of it… well, 8 bars actually! – Shar
    – harp, piano, bass
  5. Aria No.1, opus 92B (3:39)
    by Francis Kleynjans – ©Francis Jean Marie Kleynjans (SODRAC)
    Originally written for flute and guitar, Aria No.1 is a beautiful, lyrical instrumental song by French guitarist and composer Francis Kleynjans. – Shar
    – flute, harp, bass
  6. Wedding Promise (4:10)
    by Loretto Reid – ©1996 Loretto Reid (SOCAN)
    Loretto, a brilliant Irish musician and friend wrote this promise for a wedding! – Shar
    – harp, bass
  7. Anticipation (3:11)
    by Rob Piltch – ©2000 Ropii Music (SOCAN)
    It was worth seeing the look of delight on my brother Rob’s face as he listened to our recording of his guitar song that he had recorded long ago in his basement. He never imagined it would find its way into the world on piano and harp! – Sue
    – harp, piano, bass
  8. Reflection (2:53)
    by Susan Piltch – ©2005 Susan Piltch (SOCAN)
    Written to send healing vibes to Sharlene’s mom, this soothing pieces was composed around midnight during a thunderstorm. – Sue
    – flute, alto flute, harp, bass
  9. Soaring (3:59)
    by Sharlene Wallace – ©2005 Sharlene Wallace (SOCAN)
    A multi harp moment. Swirling around and around… up and up. – Shar
    – harp
  10. Little One (3:52)
    by Susan Piltch – ©1998 Susan Piltch (SOCAN)
    Inspired by a very brave and wonderful little girl who faced challenging health issues when she was a year old. “Little One” is an extended version of my original piece for two flutes and piano dedicated to the Shaw Family. – Sue
    – flute, harp, piano
  11. If I Only Knew (3:04)
    by Sharlene Wallace – ©2005 Sharlene Wallace (SOCAN)
    If I only knew… what I know now. I wouldn’t change a thing. – Shar
    – harp
  12. Simple (2:46)
    by David Piltch / k.d. lang – ©2000 Thumb Print Music (SOCAN) / Universal Songs of Polygram International, Inc./Pulling Teeth Music (BMI)
    Such a delicate, sentimental melody. k.d.’s lyrics were singing through my head as we played this beautiful tune. – Sue
    – flute, harp, piano
  13. Acacia Street (3:26)
    by Sharlene Wallace – ©2000 Sharlene Wallace (SOCAN))
    Some pieces are written as planxties… this one is for two gracious friends who continued for many years to get a chuckle out of me locking them out of their house… on a snowy, minus 40 degrees, Canadian winter night! – Shar
    – harp, piano, bass
    Sheet music available HERE

Engineered and mixed by Gary Gray, Audiolin Music 
Assistant engineer, Greg Kolchinsky 
Recorded at Phase One Studios, Toronto, ON 
Mastered by Charlie Gray, Saluki Music 
Manufactured through Accudub, Toronto, ON 

Photography by Denise Grant 
Art direction, design, layout, digital manipulation by A Man Called Wrycraft, Toronto 

All harp arrangements by Sharlene Wallace. 
All flute and piano arrangements by Susan Pitch, except for tracks 1, 5 

Sharlene plays a Lyon & Healy Salzedo model pedal harp. 
Susan plays a Muramatsu flute and Haynes alto flute

Release date: 2006

Sharlene &
Susan Piltch, flute & piano

Sharlene Wallace (harp) and Susan Piltch (flute & piano) are a duo that perform on three instruments! Playing flute, piano and harp their repertoire spans Classical, Celtic and contemporary genres. Concert audiences experience the music of Vivaldi, Donizetti, Faure, Miyagi, O’Carolan, Bolling. As well, they perform, many beautiful original compositions by both Susan and Sharlene. Sharlene and Susan have performed at the 4th Stage at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, for the Music Alive! concert series in Vankleek Hill, in Kingston for Music West Concert Series, for the Sunday concert series at the Royal Ontario Museum, Music for a Winter’s Eve concert series in Toronto and as part of the community concert series in Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Deep River, and Oshawa, Ontario and in WInnipeg, Manitoba. They are often joined by George Koller on bass.

“These people make you smile, ’cause they are too.”
– Michael Kramer, Classical 96.3FM

Flutist/pianist Susan Piltch began her music studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto with pianist/composer Dr. Samuel Dolin. She later studied recorder with Hugh Orr and flute with her father Bernard Piltch and Judith Shenkman. Susan has recorded two previous CDs with guitarist Daniel La Brash THE MOON AND FLOWERS and NATURE’S PLAY. As a composer Susan has written for flute, flute choir and flute and piano published through Nourse Wind Publications ( Two of these pieces are listed on the Royal Conservatory of Music’s flute exam syllabus, Labyrinth written for flute and piano and Little One (lullaby for Kienna) for 2 flutes and piano. Both of these pieces were rearranged for this CD Anticipation.