Trees.Listen project has a personal spinoff of photographing, constantly, the trees of this journey. In their summer, and now fall dress…. and soon winter nakedness.

In revisiting the same trees a few times now, it feels like I am getting to know them! Smiling. Deep. and Beautiful.

Last week I revisited Cedarvale Park that cuts through Toronto horizontally. I had gone to this park to find some trembling aspens. Bonus, I found an alder tree among the aspens! Pretty exciting!!!! Except last week when I went to check out their Fall season colours… I also discovered in this trembling aspen grove of clones and an alder, a stunning red fall leafed oak! SO beautiful. Hilarious I had missed the young oak tree because I was so thrilled with the aspen grove and all of their trembling noisy leaves! In the photo the yellow trees are the aspens, the green tree in the front slightly to the left is the alder, and the beauty red tree is the oak. The oak was so lovely… and calm. Humble, with her gorgeous leaf colourings.

And did I mention behind me when I was taking this photo was a Scot’s Pine?!


Trees.Listen is a collaboration, a sound exploration and a message. Through co-composed music for lever harp and electronics, Sharlene Wallace and Frank Horvat will bring together their unique relationships and experiences with music, sound, genre, creativity and the environment.