Cariboo Wagon Road



by Sharlene Wallace
harp duo or harp ensemble
Beginner/Intermediate Level

Included: harp duo/ensemble full score + harp 1 + harp 2

Cariboo Wagon Road is written for harp duo but can be accommodated for harp ensemble by dividing up harp 1 into two harp parts (one group plays the treble and the other group plays the bass line, and similarly with harp 2).

Throughout the arrangement there is habanera rhythm, clave rhythm, syncopation, 3-3-2 undulating pattern, octaves, harmonics… and lots of fun!

Cariboo Wagon Road for solo harp is scattered between harp 1 and harp 2 throughout the duo/ensemble version, and includes the addition of a 3-3-2 undulating pattern (eg m1) that runs through most of the piece.

Cariboo Wagon Road, originally written for two harps, is the second movement of Sharlene’s Island Mountain Suite. It was commissioned by Island Mountain Arts of Wells, British Columbia for the turn of the millennium.

Sharlene plays a harp duo version of The Cariboo Wagon Road, as well as the full Island Mountain Suite, on her CD Island Mountain.

Cariboo Wagon Road (solo harp) is a Grade 4, List B piece in the Royal Conservatory of Music Harp Syllabus.