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Strike the Harp!

TWO Strike the Harp! ENSEMBLES:

1. Shar (Celtic harp) & Adrian Dolan (accordion, fiddle)
Shar & Adrian have wonderful fun playing together and creating a programme for Celtic harp, accordion and fiddle. Yes... harp & accordion! Original and traditional music... jigs, reels, airs, and perhaps a wee bit of the Latin! They have performed in BC (Penticton, Sechelt, Salt Sring Island) and Ontario (Elora (Elora Festival), Parry Sound (Festival of the Sound), Camden East).

2. Celtic Ensemble
Celtic harp, fiddles, Irish flutes, whistles, concertina, guitars, bodhran, bass
Example of the ensemble:
Sharlene, celtic harp
Anne Lindsay , fiddle / nyckelharpa
Adrian Dolan, accordion / fiddle
Loretto Reid, Irish flutes / whistles / concertina
Ben Grossman, percussion / hurdy gurdy
George Koller (bass)

Traditional, original music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada as well as original compositions.

STRIKE THE HARP! was born out of friendships, a love of traditional music and a request for a Celtic harp concert for the World Music Concert Series at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, March 2004.

Royal Conservatory of Music's Worlds Music Concert Series (2004)
Festival of the Sound concert cruise (2007, 2008, 2009, 2012)

...STRIKE THE HARP is actually the name of a tune from Wales a gentle tune, in fact, despite it’s name!

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(Festival of the Sound cruise concert 2007)
exciting, breathtaking, gorgeous, virtuostic, standing ovations!
informative, fun, phenomenal... a must
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