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Somewhere on the Ocean Floor - { Beyond the Waves }Winter Frieze - { Journey of Shadows }Moving Cloud - { the rhyme & the river }
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beyond the waves (2004)
Recorded largely in British Columbia, this album abounds in beauty, rhythm and lushness. Sharlene plays nine of her newest compositions as well as two commissioned pieces by Loretto Reid and Evelyne Datl, two wonderful pieces by Alfredo Rolando Ortiz and one lovely tune by Craig Noseworthy. Sharlene is accompanied by a diverse band comprised of accordion, saxophone, 5-string violin, cello, bass and percussion. And visually? Well the gorgeous photography and cover design reflects an album that is ... delicious!

Produced by Sharlene
The musicians are:
Sharlene, harp
Oliver Schroer, 5-string violin
Tom Keenlyside, soprano sax
Joseph Macerollo, accordion
Finn Manniche, cello
George Koller, bass
Sal Ferreras, percussion

Listen to audio clips from Beyond the Waves:
Somewhere on the Ocean Floor
Habanera Gris
Fields in Winter
Beyond the Waves

island mountain (2004)
CD cover - Island Mountain by Sharlene WallaceIsland Mountain is an eleven minute CD featuring Sharlene's Island Mountain Suite. This suite, originally written for two harps was commissioned by Island Mountain Arts of Wells, British Columbia for the turn of the millennium. The Suite reflects the stunning landscape and history of the Cariboo Mountains from the ever changing cloud shadows, to the Cariboo Wagon Road travelled in the 19th century by thousands of gold prospectors, to the Jack o' Clubs Lake that lies quietly at the foot of Wells. There is also a bonus track on this album of Alfredo Rolando Ortiz's Merengue Rojo with Sharlene on harp, George Koller on bass and Sal Ferreras on percussion.

CD cover - Beyond the Waves by Sharlene Wallace
"... the more I listen, the more I like it ..."
"Beyond the Waves" is an impressive production; energetic, exciting, fresh and original ... and always musical. ... masterfully blend(s) the harp with cello, violin, soprano saxophone, and accordion as well as bass and percussion. The harp is never lost. Sharlene is a strong and masterful player. Latin-American rhythms predominate. Two of the pieces are by Alfredo Rolando Ortiz. One of them, "El Rio", is absolutely delightful. (I'm not surprised; I was impressed by Sharlene's performance of Alfredo's "Llano", on an early recording.) It begins with an octave ostinato on the harp, adds a repeating bass pattern, and builds. It made me feel like I was standing on a mountaintop, watching the sun rise."
— Mitch Landy
"... the more I listen, the more I like it ..."
— Susan S.H
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