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journey of shadows (1998)
This exciting, "wintery" CD from harpist Sharlene Wallace is a testimony to her innovative, virtuostic and gorgeous playing. The album journeys from crisp, winter-inspired original music to hot South American tunes with driving rhythms to a beautiful, naive waltz with harmonica player Carlos del Junco.

Produced by Evelyne Datl
The musicians are:
Sharlene, harp
George Koller, double bass
Rick Shadrach Lazar, percussion
Rob Piltch, guitar
Carlos del Junco, harmonica
Evelyne Datl, piano
David Travers-Smith, trumpet

Listen to audio clips from Journey of Shadows:
Winter Frieze
Milonga para amar
Cold Frosty Morning

CD cover - Journey of Shadows by Sharlene Wallace
"Journey of Shadows is an excellent album to get if you like the harp and want something rooted in tradition but with a bit of a twist. Wallace delivers on both counts."
— Tom Knapp,
"Wallace's sound is a combination of Jazz, Classical, New Age, Latin and Celtic Folk. The pieces are visual, cerebral and full of rhythms... Sharlene's harp-playing generates a sense of profound romance."
— Teresinha Costa,
eye for the future, Toronto
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